Let’s understand an important factor for packaging, ‘who should design your packaging?’. The person who is going to do this job should be your packaging doctor! Confused? Let me explain.

Every family has a family doctor. He knows everything about that family. He must know the medical history of all the family members as well as the past generations of that family. Knowing all these things, and thinking thoroughly about all the information, the doctor decides about the medicine to be given to a particular individual. Let it be allergy or blood pressure, diabetes, or any other disease, the doctor diagnoses every minute detail and prescribes you a medicine.

The doctor who gives a dose to your packaging design should exactly be like this. He should thoroughly think about brand history, brand name, the importance and speciality of the name, and the USP of the brand. The one who can handle all this smoothly is the one who can design the packaging perfectly.

If you are a start-up or introducing some new brand then things are a little different. You just have to focus on your USP in this case. To fix the branding direction of the business, you should have a thorough study of USP and the market.