I have worked to a great extent in the field of ice cream brands. I can say, that dairy products are my expertise. I have even created the brand names of a few of the ice cream businesses. Branding work for any brand starts from its name, then the logo, website, packaging, and brand directions are the things that follow. The ice cream parlour businesses with which I have worked for the brand name, are the ones with whom I have worked for the entire brand formation. I think, working with any brand starting from its birth is an important opportunity for me.

NIC is one of the famous and well-known ice cream brands. This is one of the brands with whom I have worked for branding purposes from its very first day. Today NIC has become a tough competitor of the various famous and well-known ice cream brands. Working with NIC was an important experience for me. Brand name, logo, and the very first packaging of NIC products were created working with my ideas and experience. The work related to sales team documents, website, flavours, was also done by me. I have taken care of all those things for NIC which are required to create and build an amazing brand. 

I have thoroughly studied some important factors that have to be taken care of while launching any ice cream brand. First of all, I know what is right and what is wrong in the initial branding phase, second of all I can tell you what are the things that have to be avoided, and the things that have to be given special importance. This experience helped me work with several ice cream brands in the future. Few of the brands needed the whole and sole branding for the business, and a few of them needed my expertise in the area where they have less experience.

Some brands that lost their branding directions came back on track with my help in branding. If you have an ice cream brand or planning to create one, and you need some help with branding, then feel free to use our FREE CONSULTANCY service. I will surely guide you in all possible ways. I believe in ‘knowledge sharing is knowledge gaining’. I will surely do the things by which you can get the benefit of my knowledge. I am not at all claiming that I am a full-proof expert, but I like to share my knowledge with others. I have also helped my friends in their branding activities.

It doesn’t matter in which corner of the country you are living, you just need to know Marathi, Hindi, or English language that can help in conversing and you can freely contact me. I will guide you.

I can help you decide where you can sell your ice cream and which are the all probable spots that you have to target without even losing a single of them. I will try and help to the fuller extent such that your brand should be a successful one!