How will you select your packaging designer or an agency? The very first thing that you will do is, you will check their experience and their past work. But do you know, that it’s not guaranteed that this information will be helpful? Everyone is going to impress you with an amazing display of their own profile. Always keep this in mind.

The second type or second option might be of those people whom you know very well. For goodwill or the relation you have, they might offer you the service at a cheaper rate. If any of these two is your criteria for the selection of packaging designer, then I am sorry to say, but you might be wrong.

You have to know the thought process of the designer or ad agency that you are going to hire. His approach towards the packaging design, the questions that he asks you about your brand, and his enthusiasm to know your brand thoroughly, and knowing all the answers, are all the things that are pretty much important in the selection of the packaging designer.

His approach and knowledge of the market scenarios are the two things that you should know before starting to work with any of the designers. If you are not doing it right, then it might be harmful to you. Without understanding your brand and your TG nobody can design the packaging of your product.

You liked the design very much, but it is not right to use it to build your brand. What will you do in this situation? You have to discuss these things with the agency or the designer. Know their opinion. Try to use their experience to find the solution to this puzzle situation. They can suggest what exactly has to be done about it. Their approach will play an important role. If you are sure, that they understand your brand very well and with their ideas, the brand can easily connect with your customers; then and only then hire them to design your product packaging.

Cheap rates from the people you know, hiring someone just for the sake of good relations, and counting the experience of other jobs done by someone to assign a packaging job, are some of the examples of the things you should avoid as criteria to hire your packaging designer. Ask yourself if the criteria are right or wrong, and the inner voice will answer it something like, ‘don’t do it.’

Asking the right questions yourself is a must-do thing. The wrong questions will never give you the right answers. The one who is providing you the satisfactory answers to all your questions can probably be your packaging designer.

You are investing lacs and crores of rupees to launch your brand or the product. So, always remember that the packaging that is loved by a single or a small bunch of people is not necessarily correct for the launch. Will you be ok if all the investment results in waste? If you are choosing the wrong person, then this can be the end result. You will not even be able to find out the reason that resulted in this outcome.

Always remember, ‘all that glitters is not gold’. Ask yourself the right questions, and get the appropriate answers. If you are totally satisfied with the answers, then it’s time to move forward and hire the person or agency for your packaging design.