I was always curious about branding. I feel that this curiosity played an important role in my journey in the field of branding. In this journey, I learned the details about branding and marketing. I made some mistakes, learned from them, and moved forward. In this journey, I met some experts and some award-winning personalities. I had the privilege to work with them. It helped me gain a wonderful experience. I want to share the knowledge I got, with you so that it will also be beneficial to you.

Let it be a start-up or MSME sector, there will be a benefit for everyone in these business fields. Even if you have a small-scale company, you have to look at it as a brand! How to promote your company as a brand in front of the people, and how to create hype are the things you have to know well. This will help build the status of your company. The company will earn fame, respect, and prestige. The approach of customers towards your brand will change. This will benefit you for sure.