Vitek is a successful electronic premium brand in CIS countries and Russia. They have a huge product range in the Home, Kitchen and Beauty category. Their flagship products are quite unique in terms of technology, features are advanced than the rest in the electronic category. Vitek has been a constant winner of Effie awards and has also been listed in the Forbes Magazine in Russia and CIS courtiers. Vitek now has brought it’s dreams and believes to India with their enticing range of products.


Having a unique range of products in the electronic category and providing futuristic technology, we crafted, “Step ahead” as the USP for Vitek. The thought, “Step Ahead”, not only features as a USP but also caters to the psyche of the brand’s consumers who belong to a Premium class and always go for products and brands that are advanced and match their outlook and lifestyle. To define Vitek’s target audience, they are People who are Leaders and idolized by many and being “Step Ahead” is their main motto.


Most of their products cater primarily to the new generation women who are strong, working and ambitious, as well as balance their professional life and family life. To adapt the above viewpoint of Vitek, we chose an image of a Corporate Woman with a simple style of communication that portrayed her professional lifestyle and her strong and smart personality that matches the personality of Vitek.