NIC Natural Ice Cream


The ice cream category has a very typical style of packaging and generally includes images of scoops styled with sauces or nuts. For NIC, we changed the way Ice cream categories portray themselves. We clubbed the Ingredients of NIC - Milk and Fruits/ Nuts to connote a natural, simple and an interesting looking design. We designed esthetically looking Ice Cream Tubs of different capacities for NIC’s enticing range of Ice Creams. The tubs not only feature NIC’s natural and pure character but also portrays the premiumness of the ice cream with the use of classic Black color.


To differentiate NIC from the general Ice cream category, we visually depicted Nic Natural Ice creams as Zero Preservative Natural ice creams that are made out of fresh fruits.


Cherished by all, NIC is highly appreciated because it says what it really is, Natural Ice Creams. It is being recognized not only by it’s perspective market but also followed up by its craving-for-more customers.
Today, NIC not only has a standalone outlet in Pune, but also serves at Café Chokolade that is spread across many cities in India. NIC recently bloomed it’s availability at Best Price – Walmart, Hypercity outlets in Mumbai and is counting on for more outlets.