Brand Identity


Happy Health serves health in it’s happiest form – Snacks! Happy Health is a snacks brand that provides healthy bites in the form of baked and roasted Soya Nuts in a variety of flavours.


A part of their mere lifestyle, Indians love to munch on tasty snacks. But tasty snacks are most likely to be unhealthy because they are mainly fried. There are variety choices of healthy snacks available, but not many people think of them being tasty and hence don’t prefer to eat them.

Any snack that provides a health benefit makes one feel satisfied and happy, hence we crafted the name, “Happy Snacks” for the brand. Unlike the other snacks, Happy Health Roasted Soya Nuts are not only healthy but also delicious. “Happy Snacks”, delivers the emotion of satisfaction and happiness that one connects with the feeling after munching snacks. Thus the name, “Happy Health” with a Smile symbol embedded in the logo was created that states – Health which will make you Happy.


“Happy Health”, is very simple to understand and extremely direct. Thus we created a simple typo logo with the words, “Happy Health” and embedded a Smile symbol in it.